Change Drawing on your iPad into a Pleasure!!!

I’m a professional artist. I work all day on a Cintiq tablet and bought a 12” iPad Pro to be able to work outside the studio. Well that was $1k spent on a reading tablet because that’s about all I did on it. Drawing with the Apple Pencil just felt like I was drawing on glass, lines were shaky, just an unpleasant experience.

Then I bought this product.

Total game changer. I’ve already gotten more done on my iPad today than I have in the seven months I’ve had it without this product. I honestly didn’t think this could make this much difference but it exceeded my expectation twenty fold.

Highest possible recommendation.

Wednesday Comics: BATMAN #2

On Wednesday’s I’m going to feature a comic book I have in one of the 9 frames I currently have up in my studio. I change them on a semi regular basis but I thought it would be fun (and would kill a day’s post) if we took a look at them. Wednesday being Comic Book Day across America it fits!

First up; BATMAN #2 SUMMER 1940

BATMAN 2.jpg

It’s hard to imagine in this day of eBay and terrific online comic sellers like or that there was a time when you would have to read a type written list of what a comic dealer had for sale somewhere across the country (I used to buy a lot from Hal Verb in California) and you wouldn’t see the book’s cover until it arrived!

BATMAN #2 was a rare case of a book that I knew what it looked like but it was still hard to find. BATMAN #1 is obviously a more important book but in the late 70s it had already been reprinted dozens of times so #2 seemed more interesting to me. It took me a LONG time to track one down but now that I have it I won’t be letting it go.

Simple red design with what could be a moon behind Batman. It’s signed Bob Kane and it probably is mostly by him although I suspect there’s a bit of Jerry Robinson in the not stiff figure being pushed over Robin. It’s a striking cover and one that would be repeated in just a few issues.