This is the original journal I kept while traveling to Japan for the first time in 2010.  I've been several times since then and my opinions and discoveries have changed dramatically, but these notes capture my initial impressions of the Land of the Rising Sun.


We left for our first trip to Japan on October 12, 2010 and we arrived on October 13th-- although there are time changes and other assorted complications to calculate in but we left the house we got married in on Cape Code at about 3am to catch a morning flight to Tokyo-- the first stop would be that glorious travel mecca of New Jersey.  Since that initial trip we've discovered how much better AirCanada is compared to the other carriers we've taken.  We've gone twice with AC and once each with Delta and United and there is no comparison.  The AC staff actually seems like they don't mind having you on the plane and your first stop is in Toronto which is a nice airport.   It does add a second trip through customs which is a slight hassle but Canadians are notoriously friendly.

The flight was as comfortable as it could be-- with TVs in the seatback in front of you and a fair amount of leg room in the wide body plane.  Our Steward was stressed from the time we left the gate in Toronto until we set down in Tokyo.  Meals were solid-- 3 in fact.  A lunch sandwich with crackers, dinner (I chose the Chicken) and breakfast when we set down in Tokyo.  We also had snacks including a nice bowl of Ramen Noodles so hunger was never an issue.  They also serve alcohol the whole way and I didn't discover the joys of constant drinking on these flights until my third trip.

We set down in Tokyo EXACTLY on time and that was going to be a thing to get used to here in Japan.  PEOPLE DO THEIR JOBS and things run on time.  We weren't in Kansas anymore.