Crime in the WOO

It's ELECTION time next week and part of that is choosing our city councilors as well as Mayor-- I thought it'd be nice to see how incumbent Joe Petty is doing as mayor-- Joe has gone on record (unless someone else was talking for him like the famous "morons" statement) and said Worcester's streets are safe--  let's take a look at the stats and see if he's right;


Not too good.  Okay you tie the hands of the police, you inform them not to enforce the law when a lawless group of thugs are riding their motorcycles up and down Chandler street in honor of a fallen comrade causing miles of backup-- you don't report ILLEGAL aliens who are ARRESTED for committing a crime and THIS is what you end up with-- the second largest city in New England with a serious crime problem-- because I would call a 142% increase in Rape and a 31% increase in motor vehicle thefts a problem.  Don't pat yourself on the back too hard about violent crime rate either-- it's already high at 1627 incidents and it just went up.

THINK folks-- don't just check off the box for candidates because you recognize the name or they answered their phone when you called to complain about snow removal (and how well has that gone the last two years?). 

It's time to make changes-
Konnie Lukes is the only candidate tough on crime and Gary Rosen sides more often than not with the law and order side.  Do we want a sanctuary city like San Francisco or Portland Oregon which are OVERRUN with addicts and homeless or do we want a community that is clean and crime free?  Unfortunately we don't have enough candidates.  Vote for Konnie so we can get rid of Joe as mayor.

Whatever you do-- DON'T vote for Joe Petty, he's a moron (but maybe someone else said that).