The Water Challenge

I read about the Water Challenge and decided to give it a go. The challenge is that you drink a gallon of water a day. That’s a lot of water. I’m not going to sit and drink out of a gallon jug like a gorilla so I bought one of the insulated bottles above. The ones I posted are 32oz— I actually bought a 40oz one, but whatever. If you get the 32oz you’ll need to drink four of these a day— if you get the 40oz you’ll only need to drink 3 and some change.

The first 3 days I was running to the bathroom about every 30 minutes. Eventually that lessened but expect that. I’d also suggest shutting down the drinking of water by about 9pm if you go to bed (like I do) at Midnight, otherwise you’re probably going to be getting up.

Right away I noticed better sleep and clarity of focus in all of my thoughts. The thermos keeps the water cold and fresh and also makes it easier to track how much water I’m drinking.

Try it— you might just find its benefits.