I Don’t Believe in the Death Penalty, I am the Death Penalty

Ha!  I make myself laugh.  I do in fact believe in the death penalty— there are some people who are either so horrible or so irredeemable there is no other choice.  You wouldn’t let a mad dog stay in your camp site, right? 

I was watching an episode of COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE and I love that Jerry Seinfeld isn’t afraid to confront a serious question. 

Ricky Gervais states that he’s against the death penalty, Jerry replies something along the lines of “well, how about abortion?” To which Ricky replies “it’s not the same thing.” 

Yeah, he’s right.  One is killing a completely innocent being, the other is removing a cancer from society. 



Above, a recent visit to my local gun range.  The challenge here was low lighting 17 yards rapid fire with three pistols and an AR 15-22 rapid fire with 70 rounds of 9mm ammunition (that’s seven magazines worth) so it involved shooting, reloading, repeat seven times over, all in rapid succession.  I missed the target 0/70 times so yeah, don’t mess with me. 

Which leads me to an interesting encounter I had with a UPS Driver. 

Not my regular guy, he was probably mid to late fifties and upon ringing the bell and observing the 2nd Amendment Sticker I have on my door he asked; 

”So, what, are you going to shoot me?” 

It’s this kind of stupid thinking that makes me question my fellow man. 

”Not if you don’t give me a reason to.”  I reply as I sign his little electronic device.   “Try coming back around 3 this morning in a ski mask.”   

I just don’t get this mindset, as if licensed gun owners are deranged.    We do a really poor job of educating people here.  Really poor.  We are so focused on teaching white guilt and Anti-American rhetoric that we miss a fundamental; 

This country was FORMED by legal gun owning citizens.  We didn’t fight the British using words.  The 2nd Amendment was put into place because the founding fathers realized its THAT important. 

Educate yourself if you feel otherwise, and a word of advice, don’t pay me a visit at 3am wearing a ski mask.