SDCC The Eagle Has Landed

No pics kids, sorry I’m on a mobile device.

We caught a flight out of Boston at 7am— and if you think that traffic around Logan at 530am isn’t like Thanksgiving weekend you’d be wrong.  We sat in bumper to bumper traffic for a good 30 minutes before the Logan Express Shuttle dropped us off at Terminal C and then TSA was insane, but it moved quickly.

Our flight on JetBlue was stellar-  while we weren’t in first class we were in row 6 which had enormous leg room and we could chat with the special kids up in the First Class cabin.   The flight was direct and after about five hours we touched down in San Diego.

We were met at the airport by a great convention volunteer named Jeff who had relocated out here about 10 years ago from the East Coast and the great weather had him never looking back.  Speaking of the weather, it was in the mid 80s and slightly humid, but no ridiculously so like it was back home the last few days.

Jeff got us over to our hotel which is the beautiful Marriot Marquis on the Bay and despite it being only 11 and check in time was 4pm Becky from the Convention got us checked in so that we could get freshened up from our flight.

Number Two son brought our luggage over and we were unpacked and ready to go in a few minutes.  I had brought him his new Apple Watch so we spent a few minutes getting that set up then the three of us headed over on the Trolley to Old Town which is a touristy stop but the old west architecture and the Mexican folk art was too big a lure not to go.  We at at FRED’S which was out of this world— highest recommendation.   The Mango Rita I had was very weak but a nice compliment to the Huevos Rancheros I ordered (Over Easy Eggs over Rice and Beans with Grilled Bell Pepper and Onions).

After that we hopped on a bus and rode another 45 minutes to a nearby beach area where the sea lions were coming right out of the ocean and interacting with the visitors.   It was a beautiful spot and on our way back to our bus we stopped at Girado’s Bakery which featured absolutely perfect Iced Coffee, we also got a Trumpie Cookie— which was a cookie based on that fantastic Trump in a Diaper float sized balloon that was in London last week.

”You know, we actually are getting complaints about that cookie.”  The owner whispered to me as she put it in a bag.

I told her people should lighten up.  Not only am I a Republican but I support most of what Trump is doing and I can laugh about it.  

We took the bus back and then the Trolley and then we walked around the Seaport district and grabbed some dinner at a nice little Hamburger stand.  The convention reimburses us for all food purchases so we have to remember to ask for receipts.

Today we have the Eisner judging so we got up early to get our miles in before we have to sit so many hours for that.