The Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch came out Veronica was considering gifts for me and asked if this would be something I'm interested in.  I declined.  I thought it was bulky, I didn't like the design and I feel like I get more than enough information from my iPhone and didn't need a Dick Tracy watch on my wrist.
Boy was I wrong.

I like watches.  I've always worn one.  I don't like pulling out my phone to check the time.  I was one of the first inline for a Fitbit which measured the amount of walking you did (poorly) and reminded you to get up off your fat ass and move around.

It was either digital-- and I have NEVER liked digital watches-- or it didn't have a watch portion to it so I moved on-- next up was the Misfit Shine, or my space watch as Veronica called it.  It was a beautiful design.  The face wasn't traditional-- it was solid piece of metal that when you tapped on it it lit up first the hour position and then the minute then it showed you how much you've walked that day based on a series of dots that would go all the way around the face.

It was sleek and beautiful but it was also often difficult to tell what the hell time it was.  So bad that sometimes I'd have to pull my phone out to double check.  If I was out in bright sunshine it was completely unreadable.

From there I moved on to a Nokia Steel which looked like a traditional (and classy) watch with analog face and what seemed to be a smaller second hand in the lower right of the watch-- that was the step measure. You would predetermine the amount of walking you wanted to do based on the app on your phone and it would then measure how close you were to that goal.

The only trouble with it was it was only about 80% accurate and it didn't pick up cycling at all.  So I could bike seven miles get back and my watch thought I hadn't left the chair.  You would correct this by wearing it on your shoe but I don't want to wear a watch that has been on my shoe.

That's where the Apple Watch was calling to me.  About midway through the life of the Nokia I started using Human and Activity on my iPhone and I was very happy with the results.  Much happier than I was with the Nokia health app.

Trouble was my Nokia, while it could sync with Human it just wasn't accurate.

I did some online research, I'm an Apple fan.  I have stock in Apple.  I have two iMacs, a Macbook Air, an iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil and an iPhone.  I'm a fan.  I'm not the kind of fan who waits in line for the latest model.  My iPhone is a 5S thank you very much and it's perfect.  I like the size of it and it does everything I ask it to.  It's not surprising that I was late coming to the Apple Watch.

Series 3 had just been released and it was $400-- I compared what the differences were between it and Series 1 which was around $190 and figured out that if you were planning on carrying your phone around with you then the 1 would do everything you wanted it to do, so that's what I went with.

It's been with me now for about two weeks and I'm extremely happy with it.  You can change the look of the face, you can decide what apps are featured on the front, and I can almost read short text messages when they come in.  At least I know they've come in.
So I'm happy with it and until they come out with Apple Glasses I think I'm all set.