Another Week that Was-- W/E Apr 28, 2018

I have no idea why you'd want to know what I did during the week but my good buddy Wally does this every Tuesday and I like to read it so I'm going to try this again.

Supaidaman in a 1978 Japanese TV show that is so much better than the US version that aired about the same time.

Supaidaman in a 1978 Japanese TV show that is so much better than the US version that aired about the same time.

Monday 23rd
Got up early (for me anyway— about 8) and the sun was literally beating its way into our bedroom.  I took a nice long walk and then got to work and was thrilled to open the windows in my studio.

I decided to run out and get the car washed and grab a couple of coffees to bring over to #2 son Joe who works at SUPERWORLD COMICS which is only about a mile from my house.  We talked comic books and drank iced coffee like free men.

I swung by Leroux’s Market to grab some mushrooms for dinner and picked up some Turkey Steak Tips which were on special.  Did you know Mushrooms are a super food?  We’ve decided to eat them as much as possible.

The Turkey Steak Tips were never going to fool anyone that they weren’t anything but Turkey, they were okay but I don’t know if I’d get them again.   Mushrooms were great though.
As we watched another Japanese film I decided I was going to bring my beloved Puegot Bike in for much needed repairs at Fritz’s Bike Shop nearby.   Fritz has a Charles Bronson Special for bikes that have been sadly neglected.

This bike and I go way back and I’ve got probably 15,000 miles on it and TWO Pan Mass Challenges.  It fell into disrepair many years ago and I let both my nephew and one of my sons use it for some time but both had moved on so I decided to take it back last year but it was in really rough shape.   I never got it over to the shop last year but with this sudden nice weather I don’t want to wait.

I watched Bob Hope’s THEY GOT ME COVERED (1943) when I went to bed and while it’s nowhere near as good as GHOSTBREAKERS or MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE it’s still a pretty entertaining film.

Tuesday 24th
I slept until about 10 which was a shock because I’d planned on getting up early— after showering I called Fritz’s to find out about their service plans and talked to Mike who was really nice and said to bring it right over.  I grabbed the bike out of the basement and hooked up the bike rack and managed to drive it over there without anything falling off the car.
Fritz’s has been in business for a long time— I always went to Barney’s because he was closer, but Fritz’s is closer now so after putting it up on the lift I was happy to hear Mike give the old war horse a thumbs up.  He’s going to replace the chain, give it a good go thru but he doesn’t expect anything major and I should have it back by early next week.  I got home and ordered some new bike clothes— I’m really going to get back into cycling this year, I love it more than walking and you can really get some great exercise from it.

In the afternoon the weather was so nice we took the dog for a long walk and ran into a neighborhood dad who was walking with his daughter who was happy to have her new bike out with the nice weather.  We have a terrific neighborhood.

We shot out to the Dollar store to pick up a few things and I ran into Big Y to grab some more mushrooms for tonight’s Chicken dinner.  If your only experience are the god awful dollar stores  in the city head out to Holden or Westboro and be ready to be surprised.

I made us a couple of cocktails before dinner— Bombay Gin, fresh twist of lime and Cranberry Juice with some ice.  I made mine more gin than juice and made hers the other way around.  Very nice.   Last year I came up with the Metropolitan Mohito but this might be my new favorite.

We watched another Japanese drama TOKYO TWILIGHT also by Yasujira Osu, this one from 1957 and it ran a little long.  I didn’t like it as much as the other two films of his but it was still good.

Wednesday 25th
The rain was back but the temps were in the fifties so it wasn’t so bad.  I had to pick up some prints at Alpha Graphics (highly recommend them) so I made the ride down and had to triple park in the lot— good thing I have an account with them so I could grab my order and go.

Getting back I got to work on a cover idea for Veronica’s Batman ’66 Meets Archie cover and then jumped back on that project for an indie publisher so I could make up for the missing workday this week while I’ll be in New Hampshire for the comic con Friday and Saturday.

Thursday 26th
Crazy work day— I’m going to be gone Friday and Saturday so I needed to get pages done.  We did manage to make a nice dinner together but I pretty much was at the drawing board from 10am to about midnight.
Friday 27th
This weekend I was helping out Superworld Comics where #2 son works full time.  The owner, Ted, is a good friend of mine and he was away on vacation so I’d be filling in.  The show table that they had was going to encompass an entire endocap so #2 son brought in #3 son as well so it was a ¾th Fish Boys show (#1 son works elsewhere).

Veronica dropped me off at the shop so I could load the truck of the fifty or so comic boxes we’d be offering for sale.   We finished in record time with some light rain falling and then headed to the post office to drop off some packages and then grabbed a quick bite to eat at nearby Holden Pizza (great hamburgers).

#3 son met us and we were off, with a pitstop at Fitchburg library so I could drop off some videos we’d rented.  They have a huge foreign film/classic film section so its right up our alley.

The rain got pretty intense but by the time we pulled up to the Ice Skating rink in Concord New Hampshire where the show was going to be held the sun was out, which made it much easier to unload the truck.  The show organizers were great and let us back right up to the door so we had the whole thing unpacked in under 40 minutes.  We walked the show floor before leaving and it was still ⅔rds empty— not a good sign.  Hopefully the other vendors would show up in the morning to setup.

Then it was a matter of setting up the display racks and the tables to make for an appealing display then we headed to nearby Panera bread for dinner.

It was still early so we decided to check out the town, there was a BAM (Books a Million) store which is essentially what the old Borders used to be like and I picked up a couple of bargain books while I was there.

We got to our hotel and discovered we couldn’t check in until the guy running the whole convention did, because he had booked us the room, but after some persuasion we were able to get checked in.  We discussed such worldly topics as the fate of the Marvel cinematic universe and turned in.

Saturday 28th
I don’t know what time the sun comes up in New Hampshire but it’s a hell of a lot earlier than it does down here. Because at about 445 it was beaming into our room.  I got up about an hour later, we’d set rules for 15 mins to shower and be out so we could get to the show on time while still having breakfast.
The hotel had a nice in-house breakfast of eggs, waffles, toasts, bagels, bacon, sausage, home fries, cereals, yogurt, fruit and coffee.  After we ate we arrived at the show which was pretty much just down the street.  The vendors had indeed showed up and the place was full.   We got our own booth set and I took a quick walk around to see the offerings as well as to get my walk time in.  I’m using Apple’s HUMAN app now in addition to the one that works with my watch (the two apps communicate).  We had a prime spot just as you walked in and we had high hopes we’d do the sales Ted had set for the days projections.

It started out slow, but soon picked up and by 3 we had met projection which is always good.  At 5 the show ended and we broke down the booth and got the truck loaded up and were on our way in under 40 minutes, record time.  That third man really helps.

We grabbed dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, the food was great but the old lady in the seats next to us smelled like death.   She was almost done, thankfully, because I would have asked to move to a booth if she hadn’t.
When the waiter dropped the entire tray of food he was carrying for the table a few down from ours, then dropped a second tray, #3 son remarked that this and the death lady might be a warning that we should eat elsewhere.

We made good time coming back and the weather had cleared.  We stopped at a Starbucks to use the bathroom and grab one last coffee to get us over the hump.  We still had to unload the truck again once we were back at the shop.