The Joe Shuster Story

Beautifully illustrated and concisely written depiction of the life and career of Joe Shuster, one of the giants on whose back the comics industry was created. The sad truth is that many of these young men who created the characters that are with us still today were inexperienced and often bookish and meek, ripe for the plundering by publishers who got rich on their creations while they merely earned modest paychecks.

This book is told through the perspective of Mr Shuster and gives us insight into those early days much like Mike Chabon's Pulitzer Prize winning KAVALIER AND CLAY from a few years ago. Shuster was very much the nice guy of the creative duo of Siegel and Shuster (creators of Superman) and as such often finds himself left out in the cold.

It's at times moving and we can feel Joe's pain as his creation is slowly taken away from him and his frustration with his over achieving partner puts a strain on the both the friendship and the partnership.

It's a fast read at 180 or so pages but it's one you'll likely refer back to, and if you aren't familiar with how comics creators were treated in those early days of the genre this will be an eye opener.