The Week That Was... W/E Apr 21st

My friend Wally does these journal type posts and I find them interesting so I'm going to try doing one of these once in a while;

Austin Jackson Poobalah, our super protective Yorkie,, seems never to be able to get out of his winter clothes with this endless winter.

Austin Jackson Poobalah, our super protective Yorkie,, seems never to be able to get out of his winter clothes with this endless winter.

Saturday - Veronica had been struggling with a vicious head cold but we still got out a little bit in the morning.  Originally we’d planned on heading down to Putnam Ct which has some great shops and restaurants but the weather was in the 40s and chilly and she had the head cold and all.  We ran a couple of errands, took the dog for a walk and then settled her back on the couch for some cold meds and rest.

Sunday- We ended up sleeping until about 915 which meant we missed morning church.  We like the 9am mass because it still leaves plenty of time for the day to get things done plus we get to catch up with friends at the coffee shop which is held directly afterwards.  My own cold was waning but she seemed to be getting worse so we stayed in.

Monday- We like to make Monday’s special— usually we’ll go out to dinner as a date night after working all day but today she was down for the count and she decided to take a rare day off from work.  We’re on a book deadline for Dark Horse Comics but we’re in good shape.  I put together a PDF of all the pages we have roughed out so far and sent it in to the editor and to Evan Dorkin who’s writing it for thoughts so that we could start inking.

The weather reflected our colds— it was wet and rainy on top of the slushy wet snow that had fallen the night before.  Is it really April?  This is truly the winter that just won’t end.  I shoveled us out even though it was supposed to get into the upper 40s— it sure didn’t feel like it would as I walked Austin.

It’s Patriots Day here in Massachusetts which means The Boston Marathon.  I felt for the runners who would be out in this miserable weather.  I tried to log in to WBZ to watch the race live as I do every year (I look forward to it) but had no luck.  For some reason it was saying I was outside of New England.

Tuesday-   The rain had stopped and most of the snow had melted as I took the trash and recycling out— yesterday’s holiday delayed everything a day.   I walked the dog under the thick cloud cover and picked up various plastic water bottles and the like that were blowing all over the place with the wind.

The mail came early and once again no check from a client as promised.  I shot them an email and they sent me a picture of the check which was addressed to my old address.  That explained it.   Luckily family lives in our old place so I was able to find out the check was sitting there, I opted to go and pick it up because it was drawn on a Canadian Bank I’d have to walk it into the bank so they could do the conversion.  The Canadian Dollar is only 76% of the US dollar which sucks because it meant about $500 down the drain.

I made the deposit and took Veronica to the minute clinic at CVS to make sure what she had was not pneumonia.  It wasn’t— they told her what meds to switch over to and by that night she was feeling better.   

I spent the better part of the night prepping for class tomorrow and I’m also enrolled in an online course at Yale and had to get my own assignment in before 9pm.

Slept in a bit and it was nice to see sunshine for a change.  Still chilly for mid April (I think we’ve crossed into the second half now).
Veronica seems to be feeling better so let’s hope that continues.
I went thru the compiled pages we have so far for Blackwood #3 and made notes for continuity and storytelling changes that we might want to make.
Got my final notes together for class at 630pm with my students and managed to get through that with only a minor technical problem from Zoom communications.  I checked the recorded video afterwards and was happy to see everything was okay.

Decided to take a morning off and the weather was still cloudy and cold.  I was going to walk to the local pizza shop nearby but decided to drive even though its ridiculously close, I was finally feeling better and didn’t want to chance it with the light rain.
Our good friends Kate and Bill asked if we wanted to join them for some BBQ out in Sturbridge so we happily went with them as the snow fell.  BT’s has quite a reputation and deservedly so, but I can’t help but feel like I just don’t get barbecue.

I finished up a page of art for a client and sent that over for approval, then went to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning.  
Veronica seems very much on the mend but we still decided to stay in and make a nice dinner rather than chance going out.
Number two son Joe swung by to talk about some business opportunities which involve lawyers and large sums of money so we went through the nuts and bolts of it.

Next week I’m at the Keene New Hampshire Comic Con with sons’ 2 and 3 to cover for my good friend Ted who runs SUPERWORLD COMICS and looking at a map I realized Fitchburg is between me and that show so I pitched the idea to Veronica that we head out to the library there because she’d seen they have quite a few movies that she’s been interested in seeing.  She’s on a big Japanese Film quest so we made our way there— Fitchburg seems pretty sad but the library is tops and they have an amazing collection of DVDs.  I even managed to pick up a few for myself.

At dinner Thursday night my friend Bill had mentioned that the best Steak and Cheese Sub he’s ever had was at Carl’s in Waltham— and in looking it up I noticed that they have sort of sister outfits in Clinton and Hudson so we headed out to the one in Clinton to try the sub ourselves.
They had quite a few different variations but I got the one with Chipotle and it was really outstanding.  The place was pretty unassuming and we were the only ones there on a rainy Saturday night but I give it a thumbs up.  Brattle Pizza in Worcester/Holden has a great Steak Bomb sub I recommend highly.

We made it to church and it was a beautiful day.  During the service I noticed Veronica was getting red, and one of our friends noticed too.  Concerned that she was getting sick again we opted to skip our plans for the day, made a nice big breakfast complete with Boars Head Bacon and watch some of the movies she’d borrowed.

Late Autumn (1960) was a great slice of life film featuring a Japanese family and I really enjoyed it.
Today is my mom’s 75th Birthday so I called her to wish her a happy one and made plans to see her next week when V is feeling better.