That Was The Month That Was...

I had such a bad January that by comparison February wasn't that bad, even though it remains my least favorite month of the year.  I know I already wrote a lengthy post about disliking February so I won't rehash that, but a few things struck me today;

AMAZING ColossalMAN.jpeg

1- I'm still not over the Superbowl loss.  I was at Harry's and they had a "Philly Steak and Cheese" listed as a special and I couldn't bring myself to order it.  Several days later at Ted's in Charlton they had a simple "Steak and Cheese" on the white board so I got that and it was quite good.

2- The Olympics were a dud.  Yawn and double yawn.  I like bobsledding, I like skiing.  I like any sport that isn't skating during the winter Olympics-- although that does not apply to speed skating which is pretty exciting.  This year it just seemed like nobody was into it.

3- The stock market righted itself and things were all right again.  If you're a long term investor you should avoid daily checks.  I watched a lot of money disappear and rode it out, and it all came back and then some.  Proof positive that if you keep your head you'll be okay.  When prices are falling that's the time to buy not to sell.  But that's not advice, consult a professional.

4- I don't have a lot of friends, but that's by choice.  I am fiercely loyal, and the friends I have can count on me in a crunch.  I'm pretty happy with keeping it an exclusive club.

5- Speaking of friends, I've got a few I've got to catch up with.  You know who you are, expect an email.

6- Veronica has cut out bread and I've cut back and I have to say it does make you feel better.

7- Speaking of Veronica, I feel bad for everyone who has to wake up next to someone who is not drop dead gorgeous even first thing in the morning.  She is and I do.

8- I'm a fan of motorcycles, big American ones.  I want a vintage Indian Motorcycle but I will hold off on getting one until we move to Texas where it's flat and people know how to drive.

9- You'll find no bigger proponent of the 2nd amendment than I am, but a 19 year old with mental problems should not be able to get his hands on one.  We need to do something about that.  Banning assault rifles won't work because all that will mean are the bad guys will be the only ones that have them.  Strict background checks that get into mental issues works.  In WooTown you have to go through hoops to get a gun license and I'm fine with that.