Dream Projects I'd (We'd) like to Work On...

Working in comics there are several properties I’d love to work on, some of them are currently being published already, some have rights tied up so tightly they could never come to light. These are the projects I’d love to work on, and hopefully I could convince Veronica to join me on them.

In no particular order…


KOLCHAK THE NIGHT STALKER- If you read this blog you know my love of Darren McGavin’s 70s show which influenced the X-Files. Moonstone had the rights, I don’t know if they still do, but this would be at the top of my list, I’d want to write and draw this one.


SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH- Archie Comics is currently doing a very dark version called CHILLING ADV OF SABRINA (and the Netflix show is based on this one), I’d like to work on an all ages version but bring just a hint of Halloween to it so it’s scary at times but always fun. EDIT: OKay it was announced yesterday that we would be working on this title— so cross one off the list.


WEREWOLF BY NIGHT - Marvel Comics published this story of teenager Jack Russell who is cursed with being a Werewolf— I’d love to revamp this. I certainly could just come up with my own Werewolf story and characters since the idea of a wolf based man is public domain, but I loved the title as a kid and I think it could be done really well as a mini series.


ABOMINABLE DR PHIBES - Finding the Jack Kirby illo the other day after watching the two Phibes movies has me realizing he could be a GREAT ongoing comic series. It’s rare for a villain to successfully headline a comic book but I think we could make it work.


MISTER MIRACLE- Is an ongoing series from DC Comics now, I read the first issue, I thought it was good, but it’s not exactly the stuff Jack Kirby did in the early 70s. Jack Kirby and Marshall Rogers are the only two creators to date who get how Miracle’s mask works— it’s not his face, its a mask, albeit one that does sometimes show expression. I’d love to work on a new launch of this but it’s likely a non-starter since the new series running now seems to be a hit.


SWAMP THING - I don’t know if this is being published now or not, but I loved the old series by Bernie Wrightson and Len Wein. I’d love to work on this Bernie style!


THE PHANTOM- I’ve worked briefly on the character and it’s one I really love. I’d be thrilled to get another chance at it.


PLANET OF THE APES - I think this is being published now, you expect me to research stuff? I loved this series as a kid and it’d be fun to tackle one now.


THE INCREDIBLE HULK- I’d want to do this the way Jack Kirby started it— as a Jekyll and Hyde monster struggling to escape the confines of his puny human body. I’d bring the savageness for this one!


CASPER’S GHOSTLAND- This one would be the hardest one to get right— it would be set in Casper’s homeland filled with Ghosts. Picture BEETLEJUICE and the waiting room meets PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE. Like SABRINA, it would be all ages but I’d like to have some scares in it.


TOMB OF DRACULA- I’d like to revamp and adapt the classic run of Marvel’s TOMB OF DRACULA. Yes I’ve already done a graphic novel of DRACULA years ago, this would be different. Like the concept of a WEREWOLF, the character is public domain and therefore open to anyone, but the storyline from TOMB OF DRACULA remains under Marvel Comics copyright and that’s what I’d like to do.


FLEISCHER BROS SUPERMAN- In the 1940s the Fleischer Bros did 17 classic animated cartoons featuring Superman, I’d like to do an epic adventure in this style completely separate from the regular DC Comics Superman titles. Ideally I’d pair it with a FLEISCHER BROS THE BAT MAN as a follow up.

There are a few others I’d like to get a shot at— THE SHADOW, THE SPIDER, THE AVENGERS (Steed and Mrs Peele), JAMES BOND and maybe even a SHERLOCK HOLMES or a CHARLIE CHAN.

Who knows what the future holds?