Can Superman or Batman be Black?

There’s been some debate recently about changing the ethnicity of Superman, Batman, James Bond and other iconic literary heroes in big screen adaptions.   Can they be Black? 


Or Asian, or a Woman, or whatever the hell else you want them to be? 

My initial answer is “yes, absolutely.”  I remember my days on the playground when we played Hawaii Five O— none of my friends were Hawaiian but that didn’t stop them from playing Chin Ho or whatever that guys name was on the show.  It was a long time ago.

I remember in junior high school just before I gave up comics a kid in our circle said he didn’t like The Hulk because he could never be him, because he was Asian.  That made about as much sense to me as a rabbit managing to carry a bag of Easter eggs to every house on Earth. 

It doesn’t matter, so my initial answer is indeed yes. 

But then I started to think about you moron’s who get upset at every possible offense in the world.  Because it plays out like this; 

It’s perfectly fine for Batman or Superman or James Bond to be Black... as long as it’s okay for a white guy to play the Black Panther too. 

Ah, see what happened?  Now there’s outrage.  Now there are shouts of cultural appropriation.   It’s odd how that works.  Back to the playground days, BLACK PANTHER by Jack Kirby was one of my favorite comic book characters because he looked cool.  I didn’t abandon him because I was white and he was black and therefore I couldn’t “identify” with him.  I’m not from Krypton either but I can dig Superman. 

Because people are people, regardless of color. 

As for a woman, I’d have no problem with a female Batman but then you have Batwoman or Batgirl already so why do we need it?  I WOULD find a male Wonder Woman ridiculous, so I guess I’m nowhere near as progressive as I thought I was.