The First Time Batman was called THE DARK KNIGHT....

It seems impossible to imagine a time before Batman was referred to as The Dark Knight-- but he was about 18 months old before the nickname was first used in the pages of Detective Comics #45 Nov 1940 issue.

Wikipedia gets it wrong, listing the first reference to Batman Comics #1 Spring 1940, there is no mention of Dark Knight in the pages of Batman Comics until #3 Fall 1940 which went for sale on newstands October 19th 1940 and was listed in an ad saying COMING SOON in the very pages of this book indicating it was on sale before the Batman #3.

In Batman #2 Summer 1940 the character is called The Black Knight, but that never stuck.

I poured through every issue of Batman and Detective Comics from the start to locate this information and the book itself will be on display at the Worcester Art Museum's new KNIGHTS exhibit along with Michael Keaton's original Screen Worn Batman suit which opens March 28th!

You'll also get to see the 501st which is New England's branch of Lucas' stormtroopers, music and more-- this will really be an event.

1966 Batman Comic from DC Comics; Captures the Worst of the TV Show

Even though I'm a little miffed they didn't come to me to do it, I give DC Comics credit for doing a comic based on the '66 Batman.  It's been pretty well received although I've heard complaints from genre fans that it's a bit too silly sometimes.

I'd agree.

Jeff Parker, who has been writing it, obviously watched a few episodes of the show-- but the thing he missed is the de evolution of the series from outright camp classic to silly parody of itself-- which is what caused the ratings to plummet and killed the series only two years after it's record breaking premiere.

Series lead writer Lorenzo Semple Jr wrote a huge bible on the series at the time, and warned against going the outright parody route.  Camp needs to be handled very delicately, and unfortunately this offering from my favorite comics company is too heavy handed to really be great.

They have my number-- I can fix it.

Mezco BATMOBILE 1966

MEZCO Released this really cool Urbanized Batmobile from the 60s-- not to be outdone, Funko did a more accurate but still stylized version:

I didn't care for the giant Batman figure, and he comes right out so I stuck two other Batman and Robin figures in.

Barbie Batman and Catwoman

I bought the Batman, took the costume off and put it on a vintage Captain Action figure from Ideal.  Much more poseable and manly!!  (If a doll can be manly).

Mattel's BATMAN 1966 Line

6" line includes BATMAN, ROBIN, JOKER, PENGUIN, CATWOMAN, RIDDLER and even SURFING BATMAN!  Oh yeah, and a car that's about two feet long!  WOOO!

NECA BATMAN A Foot and a Half Tall!!

Pic from the great Bat-Blog
Standing 18" tall or so (I haven't measured it) this is a great figure with some amazing detail!  They also released a Keaton Batman so you can have a battle of the Batmen if that's your bag.

It's a Classic Batman Fan's Year: BATMAN BENDY

In 2012 WB and 20th Century Fox announced they had come to an agreement about the merchandising rights to the classic Batman TV Series starring Adam West.

This is a show that had been in a quagmire of rights issues since it stopped airing in 1968.  Forever in syndication, it's been one of the most requested shows at the TVSHOWSONDVD website.

The release of licensed merchandise signaled a break in the negotiations and in early 2014 they announced the show would be coming out on DVD and Blu Ray.

As a classic Adam West fan I am happy with this-- I've gotten some great stuff and this week I'll highlight some of the ridiculous merchandise you don't need but must have.

First up, this great Bendie figure from the fine folks at NJCroce!

Batman Villain Show

I'm taking part in a comic related show at St Mark's Place Comics in New York this February-- here's my piece, 10x10 in progress and it's called THE MOMENT BEFORE BATMAN KICKED EVERYONE'S ASS.

More soon.