The Shoe Box

An old woman lays on her death bed and tells her husband of sixty years to go to the closet and take down the shoebox she’s kept all these years.

He brings it to her.

"Open it." She says weakly.

He’s surprised to find two crotched dolls and a huge stack of cash totaling close to $95,000.00

He looks at it, trying to comprehend. “What is this?”

The old woman touches his hand, he leans in to hear her whispered answer;

"My grandmother told me the secret to a happy marriage is to never fight. Every time I ever got angry with you, rather than fight, I made one of those dolls."

The man chokes back tears. Sixty years of marriage and there were only two dolls in the box. He can hardly believe her words.

"We’ve had a great life, there’s no arguing that." He leaned down and kissed her forehead tenderly.

Looking back at the box he asks her where all the money came from.

"That’s the money I earned selling the other dolls."

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