Things Successful People Never Say #2

I love this one!   Do you honestly think you make your job better by not accepting an assignment?  Is this because you want to be able to complain about how it works out under someone else?

I worked at a non-profit that was so non-profit it was about to shut it's doors.  The employees considered it like a big family-- dinner at each other's houses, etc, but during working hours it was all about chatting, gossip, watching funny videos, etc-- and very little about work.  When new leadership came in and made changes people shut their doors and used the "it's not my job" response over and over again.

The non-profit failed and everyone was let go, moaning about the good old days.   Amazing that a company that expected no work lasted even as long as it did.

(This part from the terrific article on LINKEDIN)

When you accepted your current position, you had a good idea of what the responsibilities and workload of the role would entail. Throughout the months or years since you settled into your job, however, your role has expanded and changed shape. Some of these changes have probably been good, while others have made you wish for simpler times. When a boss or manager piles another responsibility on your already sore shoulders, it might be tempting to pull out this classic gem of work avoidance.

The better option, however, is to schedule a time to talk to your boss about your role. A specific conversation about your place in the organization is a good time to bring up the particulars of your job description, not when you’re asked to get something accomplished. No matter how stressed you are or how valid the complaint, dropping this phrase only makes you look lazy and unmotivated.