It's been about nine months since I dumped VERIZON for PAGE PLUS CELLULAR so I thought I'd follow up for anyone interested.

First-- the good;

My cell phone bill dropped from $80 a month to $12 a month.  No kiddling.
Now I'm not one to talk a lot on the phone, so the $12 a month plan with gives you 250 minutes is more than enough for me.

If you want to go with a smart phone and need data they offer a $55.00 a month plan but I'd jump on over to Republic Wireless for their $20 all inclusive plan.

I know what you're thinking-- this looks like one of those METRO PCS phone places that I see in the finer neighborhoods right next to a Pawn Shop and a Check Cashing office-- and you would be correct.
But I'm not the only one recommending you ditch your contract plan and go with one of these pay as you go carriers.

FORBES Magazine in it's list of things you definitely SHOULD NOT DO in 2014 said plainly you should NEVER renew your contract plan.

Verizon was charging me roughly $1000 a year-- I'm now paying $144 a year and the service level is exactly the same.   Page Plus uses the Verizon cell towers.   Page Plus uses your existing Verizon phone.

Now-- the bad;
Customer Service is mixed, I get awful customer service but when Veronica calls she gets great service, so we solve that by having her call.

To be fair, the customer service at Verizon was always really good, AFTER I waited for at least 20 minutes to get someone.

You have to provide your own phone.

I'm blown away by people who's response is "Well, that's a deal breaker because Verizon gives me a phone."

No they don't.

They charge you $900 a year MORE.  You could buy the nicest phone on the planet at still save about $500.

These same people rejoice at their "Tax Refund" -- as if it wasn't YOUR money in the first place.   I'll tell you what-- give me 30% of your paycheck each week and I'll hold it for you and then once a year give most of it back to you.  Of course I'll get interest on that money and keep a little for myself.

But I'm sure you'll be grateful since you like the government doing it so much.

So end your contract-- don't renew, and try one of these pay as you go plans.  The nice thing about pay as you go is you can cancel it anytime.   So if it doesn't work out all you risk is the $12.

Don't be a sheep.