Why Does Anyone Live Here? Because we gave up.

I've got a theory that the United States was settled by quitters.
The east coast, with it's 100+ degree summers and -0 winters with feet of snow-- and about three months of actually NICE weather, our forefather's were the ultimate in quitters.

They arrived here in the New World and stayed a day or two's travel from the coast.  Some not even as far as that.

Moving on-- you had people that said enough is enough and they ended up in Buffalo.  Really?  Was that much better?  Or Ohio?

Hearty souls made it to Illinois or Iowa or Kansas, but eventually they tired of travel and just plunked themselves down, at least in a SLIGHTLY better climate-- slightly.  Of course Kansas has tornadoes so that would have been enough to get be to pack it in and head further West.

The real settlers are the West Coasters-- their forefathers went as far as they could until they hit the ocean.  I admire that-- and they were rewarded with weather that is nearly perfect 365 days a year.

This was a pretty horrible winter here in New England, and I think I've had my fill.