Back at the end of January I PREDICTED;
1. Snowfall under 10" for February-- sounds like a lot to those of you in Hawaii, trust me, it's not.  Last year we got 100".

Okay missed this one by about thirty miles.  We got hammered with eight snowstorms in February.  I hate Winter.

2. AMERICAN HUSTLE would win the Oscar for Best Picture.  I probably should have looked up when the Oscars were before I made that one.

12 Years a Slave won, and I only knew this because I googled it-- I didn't watch the Oscars, and I didn't even know 12 Years a Slave was a movie so maybe I wasn't the best predictor here.

I PREDICT I forgot to update this!

Ha!  I can't win for losing-- I was even wrong about this, although  I almost forgot.