Happy St Patrick's Day!

It probably speaks volumes that I refused to wear green on St Patrick's Day and resented the suggestion to do so all the way back to Kindergarten.

I remember my Mom putting my shirt on and saying "We're Irish!  You need to wear green today."

Yup five year old Andy did not like being told what to do.  I still don't.

I'm proud of my Irish heritage and the people who treat before me, but I'm not Irish-American, I'm American, first and only.

I'm four generations out from the old world, so I don't feel I own the right.  I'm only one generation out from Native American and I still don't consider myself that.

I also don't like that St Patrick's Day has become an excuse to get blind stinkin' drunk in public.  Two years ago Veronica and I were in New York City and soon horrified to realize we'd made the trip on St Patrick's day after the third drunk couple we encountered at 1 in the afternoon.

So you won't find me drinking at an Irish Pub or even wearing Green today.  Black is the color of the day for me, today and everyday.  Makes picking out clothes that much easier.

But Happy St. Pat's day to my fellow Irishmen and Irishmen wannabee's.  Just show some class, okay?