Domino's Pizza; Well, it's Better than Papa Johns.

DOMINO'S PIZZA is running an ad campaign right now where a group of people are on hidden camera  griping about how they think the pizza isn't "made by people" or "made with real ingredients" to which the wall slides out and we learn that the pizza IS indeed both made by people and with ingredients from a real farm.

The thing that strikes me is that they are totally missing the point.  The people are saying your pizza is terrible.  It doesn't make a whit of difference if they're wrong about it being machine made with plastic tomatoes, all the reveal says is that the people making the pizza need to go back to school and the farmer may want to rethink the quality of his product.

It's as if you and your co-workers were sitting around the breakroom complaining about a new hire who smells terribly-- someone remarks that they should wear deodorant and then suddenly the walls slide out and you're in this new hire's bathroom where it is revealed that they do indeed wear deodorant!

The problem is they still smell bad.

Obviously, the deodorant they are using isn't working, or there is some other problem with hygiene, but just because that person was wrong about them using deodorant doesn't address the problem.

I tried Domino's ONCE about ten years ago and thought it tasted like cardboard.  In fact, I thought it was worse than Celeste's Microwave Pizza which essentially is cardboard with a little bit of cheese on it.  Domino's was awful.

When they announced a change in the recipe I gave them another shot.  Nope.  Now it tastes like cardboard with a little bit of garlic on it.  I will say this-- it's better than Papa John's, but that's like saying breaking your leg in an automobile accident is better than breaking your leg in a skiing accident.

So Domino's-- continue to reveal that your lousy pizza is made by real people who would be better served at Jiffy Lube in the grease pit with ingredients by farmers who should probably take a class in Agriculture, but until you face the real problem your sales will continue to slide.