My piece, ably titled THE MOMENT BEFORE BATMAN KICKED EVERYONE'S ASS has been SOLD at the ONE SHOT GALLERY at St Marks Comics in New York City.  There is still a lot of great art available including Veronica's amazing MR FREEZE piece so check it out.

I'm considering doing the piece as a color print if I can free up some time, so stand by.

The GROUND HOG saw his shadow-- which means six more weeks of winter.   Apparently out of the last 100 predictions he didn't see his shadow only 17 times-- so I think that speaks highly of the inconsistency of allowing a rodent to predict global warming (or cooling).

So without further adieu I will be introducing a whole new tradition, please spread the word, as we predict whether or not winter comes to an end-- tune in tomorrow for the grand revelation.

ART ALL STATE may or may not be happening, depending on who you talk to.  I still believe in the program, and I would argue to all parties that we need to put the kids first on this and set any ill feelings and misconceptions aside.

Realistically I don't think it can be accomplished in such a short amount of time, but I'm willing to help however I can.  Remember I was part of the climbing team that reached the summit of Mt. Washington on a day the French Olympic Climbing team, and the Rangers, warned us it was impossible due to the February weather.

So accomplishing the impossible is in my background.