Take 'em!

Today was like one of my favorite scenes from SEINFELD-- Kramer is having a run of bad luck with his beloved golf game so he bursts into Jerry's apartment, hurls his clubs on the floor and kicks them.

"You want 'em? I don't need 'em!" he hollers.

I felt that way about art today. I drew and re-drew Bat Man and Tick pages until it got to the point that I really wanted to just hurl everything on the floor and pee on it.

I think we all have off days-- the key is to keeping said days to a minimum otherwise food stops coming in and it gets hard to work with the lights out.

I admonish my students when they get down on their own work, but sometimes I really feel like throwing everything in a pile and getting the lighter fluid.

I guess it's hard to get my head around art right now, and this happens once in a while. I can preach about how you can't let things get you down when you're in a creative field, but sometimes even I don't want to hear it.

The solution, I guess, is to do something else for a while-- take a break, even if its for a day.  Generally I'll fall back on 3D art or silk screening when Illustration is not working for me.