Save THOUSANDS on your Cell Phone

Okay I know this sounds like my blog was taken over by Spam, it's not.

Here's the deal-- I've been with Verizon Wireless for nearly 10 years-- and I am the kind of person who uses MAYBE 120 minutes a month on my plan.  I don't chit chat.

Paying $85 a month for the joy of having the phone equals $1020/annually!  Wow, a lot of Ka-Ching for a phone.
I long since got rid of my land line, with Verizon desperately trying to convince me I needed that $40/month dust collector in the corner of the living room.

While I was happy to save that I still felt I could do better cell phone wise.

Enter Page Plus Cellular.

They use the SAME cell towers as Verizon.   They use the same equipment as Verizon, and I got on a plan which gives me 250 minutes a month and the cost?


Yup my bill went from $1020.00 to $144.00 and talking and using the phone you can not tell the difference.  I've been on it for three months now (and Veronica has been with them for nearly twice that) and no issues at all.

So if you're like me and you don't have a phone glued to your ear consider switching.

Oh, and if you're the kind of person who needs a smart phone with unlimited talk and data, consider Republic Wireless who offers that for $19 a month.

You don't need contracts or continue to pay for service you don't use.