Rod Serling never paid for TV and neither should you
When did we decide to pay for TV?
When did it make more sense to pay $3 for a cup of coffee or a bottle of water instead of just making it ourself or turning on the tap?

I'll tell you how, it's in little bits and pieces.

They get you to pay a little bit for this, and a little bit for that and pretty soon you're paying real money for things that used to be free.

Recently I let my Verizon Wireless contract run out and switched over to the no contract still use the Verizon equipment Page Plus Cellular.  My Verozon bill was $80 a month and my Page Plus is $12.  There has been zero change in my service.  I use the most basic phone there is so maybe it won't work for you if you're on a smartphone, but in that case I would recommend Republic Wireless who offers unlimited coverage for $19 a month.

More and more I find I'm watching streaming over satellite.  DirecTV was my satellite provider and I enjoyed it while I was paying $24 a month for it.  The offer went away after a year and my bill jumped to $80 so I called them to see what the penalty was for cancelling because calculating out the expenses I thought it might be cheaper long run to just cancel and take a hit.  Instead they lowered the bill to $40 and I stuck with it until my contract was up.

When my bill jumped back to $80 after another year I called to cancel and this time they offered to drop it to $50 a month, but I can see the trend here, they lower it but not back to what you paid the first time around, I said to the woman who called me a few days later from DTV that if she could drop the bill to $24 for life I would stay with it.  She said how about $42 and I said how about forget it.

Do I need satellite?  I sat and wrote out what I had to watch.
College Football is an essential, but I don't care what game I get to see.  Broadcast TV shows college games on Saturday so I could still catch Notre Dame or USC or BC with my regular $12 air antenna.

You want to cancel DirecTV.
Not surprisingly, they show full episodes the day after they broadcast them on their website for free.
FACE OFF on Syfy?

Yup, you guessed it-- they too show full episodes on their website.

The same goes for TOP CHEF and that was about all I could think of for shows I watch regularly.  I do stick with Deadliest Catch and FLIP THIS HOUSE, but they too are available either as streaming or on the host website for free.

I have NETFLIX Streaming which I watch on my TV through my ROKU player-- the best investment I ever made.  I can also watch AMAZON PRIME (which is Netflix like streaming FREE with my Prime membership), and I subscribe to Warner Archives which is also a streaming service ALSO available through my ROKU and featuring most of the movies shown on TCM.

Wait!  What about TCM?
Sadly my favorite channel has been showing a lot of stuff I wouldn't call classic, and it struck me that I own 90% of what they show.  Now I'll watch it on my schedule.

It's goodbye paying for TV other than the three streaming services which still comes to less than $25 a month.  And who knows how long I stay with those?

So ask yourself, the next time you're flipping through the remote-- what exactly are you paying for?