ArtsWorcester ART ON THE LINE Tonight!

Okay you didn't listen to me when I said get over to the Art Museum for Remastered and it was easily one of the best events ever held there-- or maybe you did, something like 1500 people showed up-- but tonight at ArtsWorcester down in Main South is Art on the Line-- and this is a really interesting idea-- all of the art is 8"x8" and it's hung in a really interesting way on strings and even better it's all just $20/ea so you can pick up an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART for $20!  Are you kidding me!!??

Or if you really want to show you know what you're talking about, you can buy one of 12 12"x12" by some noted artists including my old buddy Tom Grady and me.

You can pay $35 to get in and be first in line to get inside at 6pm and get a glass of wine or you can wait with the schlubs and get in 7pm and pick through what's left for a $5 admission charge.

You can find out more over on the ArtsWorcester website.