The Deadline is the thing...

I've never missed a deadline.
As a freelancer that is something to be proud of.

I don't make excuses and I don't accept them from myself.

The night before a double art workshop on Cape Cod and The Vineyard I was in the Emergency Room at Saint Vincent's hospital.   They ran tests, MRI's, and an assortment of procedures.  We agreed if they found what they were hoping wasn't there we would have surgery in the morning, and if not, they would get me out of there by 8am because I HAD TO BE ON THE CAPE for those workshops.

I got roughly two hours sleep with Veronica at my side.  Thankfully all was well and we left, went home, showered and headed out for our workshops.

I would not cancel-- I had committed to them.

Driving the 150 miles or so with no radio (Veronica was sleeping) was rough-- I saw road signs that said DREAMLAND 5Mi and things to that effect.  I pulled over and caught 40 minutes at a rest stop when I needed it but we made both workshops without delay and barely a hiccup.

Recently with Dracula I worked one day from 5am to 11pm because the pages I was working on needed to be sent.

The thing is, I'm not a hero.  I'm doing what I love-- and that is never work.
But if I can instill one thing in you, my creative friends, stop accepting excuses for why you don't get something done.