Tonight at 8pm is STAGECOACH which even CJ Kennedy noted artist and lover of all things westerns thinks is overrated-- and I have to agree.  But if you've already seen Duck Dynasty or Two and a Half Men or whatever other piece of trash is on the rest of TV give this a go.

Because then you can stick around until 11:15pm for CITIZEN KANE (1941) and isn't it about time you actually watched this?  I mean you've heard for years how it's the greatest American film ever, blah blah-- and it is-- so watch it.

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) is on Tuesday at 10pm and amazingly it is one of the greatest film noirs ever featuring Fred MacMurray as a slightly sleazy insurance agent who falls hard for Barbara Stanwyck who just happens to have a husband she'd like to see dead.  If it sounds familiar it's because its been remade so many times which just means it's good.  Watch it.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1948) is on Thursday night/Friday morning at 230am-- now this one involves a bit of a story.  Veronica and I were having a debate, I said, in my caveman like way that it's difficult for a man who is a dancer to not come across as gay.  For the record I am neither a homophobe or a dancephobe and I'm just saying skipping and jumping around a bit sometimes comes across a little flippant.

This relates much to my experience with watching the manly Roy Schneider (Batman Editor Denny O'Neil once told me that he would be the perfect Batman) play Bob Fosse in ALL THAT JAZZ and the slinky dancing sort of made me giggle.

She related that Gene Kelly was not gay-- and that he was a manly man who danced.  I agree 100% that Kelly was in Bruce Lee level condition and I'm sure he was straight-- but it was just as she mentioned this that THE THREE MUSKETEERS came on the TV and with their skipping and long feathered hats I was almost launched into convulsions to keep from giggling.

So it's a skipping and jumping with feathers version of the story of three swordsman, watch if you like that stuff.

FRIDAY has HIS GIRL FRIDAY at 6:15pm and that's a hilarious 1940 comedy with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, it's hilarious and it's brilliant.

At 8pm the night really gets rolling with CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962) followed by the movie it inspired NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) at 10pm.  BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) closes out the night at 1:15am and this kind of lineup is why I love October.

Saturday at 2pm we have MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY (1993) which is my favorite Woody Allen movie-- its great and it's the must see pic PICK of the week.