Tuesday at 4pm is HIGH SIERRA (1940) which is the Warners film that made Bogie a star-- okay, Petrified Forest put him on the map but this one actually led to his leading man status and he never looked back.  It's about a gangster who kidnaps a girl and goes on the run.

Wednesday at 730am is VAMPYR (1932) which was shocking for its day but tame by today's standards.  It's still a pretty atmospheric vampire film.

8pm Wed is THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943) and didn't I just make this the must see Pic a week ago?  Well, you should still watch it.

Thursday at 530pm is the film noir classic OUT OF THE PAST (1947) and that is a punch in your face kind of hard drama I like-- you might too.

LIFEBOAT (1944) is the Essentials this week Saturday at 8pm and this minor Hitchcock classic is somewhat heavy in tone, but still worth watching-- so watch it.

Sunday at 8am is KING KONG (1933) and if all you know is the bloated mess that is Peter Jackson's remake then give this a watch.
At 8pm is REAR WINDOW (1954) which is a true Hitchcock classic not to be missed, followed by TO CATCH A THIEF (1956) which is the best Batman movie ever made that's not a Batman movie.