TODAY at 8am is CABIN IN THE SKY (1943) which is the best musical I've ever seen-- and I don't like musicals.  Featuring an all black cast that includes Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Lena Horne-- it's the story of good vs evil done in great music.

FRANKENSTEIN (1931) is on at 1245am which is actually Tuesday, but what's it matter?  It's a great movie.

1130pm Friday is THE OMEGA MAN (1971), if you're familiar with Charlton Heston end of the world movies from the 70s this one will feel like a comfy pair of old shoes.  I don't care for that era or style of film, but you should at least see it once.

4pm Saturday is the time for you Lucille Ball fans to plunk yourself down in front of the tube-- Lucy teams with her real life husband and co star of I Love Lucy (Desi Arnaz) in THE LONG LONG TRAILER (1954), interesting to see them in color.  I'm not a fan of the show so I'll pass but watch if you like it.

GUN CRAZY (1950) is the Essentials Saturday at 8pm and that's a great pick.    It's hard hitting and shocking for its day.

Sunday you should lock the doors and take the phone off the hook 'cause it's Hitchcock and there's no looking back.
Starting at 10am with RICH AND STRANGE (1932) and running through to 1015pm with NOTORIOUS (1946) and in between you've got classics like Suspicion (2pm), Strangers on a Train (4pm), Dial M For Murder (6pm) and Rebecca (8pm) all of which are must see's!