A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) is on tonight at 1115pm-- it's a silent film and it's only about eight minutes long but it's got some imaginative special effects and is something you should see.

THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE is on Tuesday night actually Wednesday morning at 515am-- this silent masterpiece is from 1922 and is an absolute must see.

THE BLACK SWAN (1942) is on 10pm which is a terrific Tyrone Power movie with George Sanders, so watch it it's good.

LITTLE CAESAR (1931) is on Thursday at 915am with Edward G Robinson as a gangster.

THE GRAPES OF WRATH (1940) is on at 130pm and if that one doesn't get to you something's wrong.

VERTIGO is on at 10pm,  it's regarded as Hithcock's Masterpiece by man-- not by me mind you, I think it's a really good movie but it's not as great as it's reputation.  Still worth watching.

METROPOLIS (1927) is on at 8pm Friday-- and THAT is a masterpiece.  Watch it and see for yourself.  After it runs THINGS TO COME (1936) which is a sort of almost retelling of the story-- not as good but still worth your time.

Saturday at 1045pm is PHANTOM RAIDERS (1940) which is a Nick Carter Detective programmer, but you know I like the B-Mysteries so maybe I'm not a good judge of these.

THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) is on at 330am and it should be the Essentials this week but its not.  It's a black comedy from the directing genius James Whale.