Taking a Class at the Worcester Art Museum....

I'm hoping Joan Gage shows up in this suit
I ran this Sunday, but I'm running it again because....

Tonight from 5-730 is the WAM Faculty Exhibition.  Stop by and see the work and sign up for a class.
If you've considered taking an art class at WAM what's stopping you?

Lack of talent?  That's why you take a class.  We offer dedicated faculty in a variety of disciplines to give you the insight and direction you'll need to accomplish creative things.

Classes work like this (at least my classes do):

The first day of class we discuss the goals and outcomes of the class and then get right into work.  There is a supply list given with each class so you'll know what to bring for the first night.  I'll detail other supplies I'd recommend but you can get by with just the basics.

There will be a lot of people there who have been taking classes for years, and that can sometimes cause you to feel left out-- don't.  Lighten up, relax and don't take yourself or your work too seriously and pretty soon you'll actually be learning, laughing and getting better.

I begin each class with either a lecture, a demonstration or a technique discussion-- and sometimes a combination of all three.  After that we break into studio time and in some classes we do group critiques.

Classes at WAM are loosely structured, most instructors will bring in music and I always encourage students to bring in their own ipods so they can get lost in the work during studio time.

The bottom line though, get out and do it.  Meet some great people, and start a habit of something that allows you to work towards having something YOU created.

It's a great feeling.