Norman Saunders King of the Pulp Illustrators!

I first encountered the work of Norman Saunders (and didn't know his name) when I discovered a series of 1966 licensed Batman bubble gum cards in the early 80s at my good friend Paul Howley's great store, That's Entertainment.

I loved the style of these-- and it eventually led to my research of the artist where I discovered Saunders also produced the great MARS ATTACKS Gum card series from the 1950s which depicted gross scenes of alien invaders attacking the Earth-- kid's loved them, parents hated them!

Saunders pulp work was exceptional-- compared to the Mars and Batman cards they don't suffer from the small size he was forced to work in with these.

Recently I've taken some assignments from Airship 27 which is a modern day publisher producing legitimate pulp magazines.  Editor Ron Fortier is a legend in the comics industry and it's been a pleasure to work with him.  After illustrating two interior magazines for them they've given me the opportunity to produce a cover-- and I'll post the results here when I can.

It's thrilling to work in the spirit of these great workhorse masters like Saunders.