Learn How To Create Your Own Comic Books!

It doesn't matter if you're into Superheroes or Slice of Life, Batman or Dan Clowes, you'll learn everything you need in this WAM Class which starts next week.

Range is for absolute beginners to seasoned professionals-- we will study and explore storytelling methods and give you the tools you need to get off your backside and make great comics.  Plus it's a fun environment of artists to hang with each week.

Mondays 6-9pm starting next week and running 10 weeks.


Learn how to lay out and draw a comic from beginning to end, combining words and pictures to tell a story. Look at the work of other comic artists from R. Crumb to Frank Miller and Marjane Satrapi for inspiration.
Comic Art
Andy Fish

Recommended Supplies
  • 60lb or better drawing paper 11x14 or larger, 11x17 recommended, Bristol but regular drawing paper will do as well
  • Pencil, HB lead
  • #2 round brush or brush pen, wait until class time to purchase as I will have several to discuss and we will not need until the second half of class
  • Sketchbook for notes and thumbnails, recommend small carry size but it's up to the artist
  • Optional supplies
  • Canson Brand Comic Art Paper, 11x17 it's more expensive than regular Bristol but it's already ruled