Sometimes finishing a project is like the end of Shawshank when Andy stands out in the rain (I guess that would be a minor spoiler alert).

After nearly four years of work-- two years of actual committed work-- DRACULA is finished and sits with the fine folks at McFarland Books, who have assured me we'll still see it in stores this Halloween.

124 pages, countless hours of research, tweaking, retweaking with an original start that updated the story to 1931 until I decided that made for a better sequel so I knocked this one back to 1897 and followed Bram Stoker's original intentions with the classic.

I based the Asylum on the one right here in the Big Woo...

The gothic architecture was perfect for the Madhouse which sits next to the Westenra estate and plays such a large part in the story.

The final stretch featured a computer glitch that looked very much like I'd lost ALL the files before I could upload them (there will be a blog post about that on it's own) but all is well-- and the book is in the hands of the Publisher.

Order it HERE 125pgs FULL COLOR.