The End of Summer Session 2013

Borrowed from my buddy Steve's class
I usually teach one or two days a week at the Worcester Art Museum-- working with a variety of students in an even greater variety of mediums.  In my heyday I taught six classes a week with one day having me arrive at 9am and leaving at 9pm, but with increasing commitments elsewhere with deadlines and commercial work and books I've had to scale back-- BUT-- I always look forward to the Summer Session.

Summer session starts the first week of July and runs through the second week of August-- six weeks of DAILY classes-- Monday thru Friday.  This year I worked with ages 11-17 in comics, video game design and animation classes and I had a blast.

Yes there was stress-- there always is-- but that's part of the fun.  I do have to say that the streamlined education staff of Christopher Whitehead, Elaine Pusateri Cowan and Ruth Hemenway really knocked my socks off with the new organization.  Classes for next year are now broken down into 5 or 10 week sessions and adult and youth classes for the FIRST time since I've been there are now synched.  Making for a much easier schedule for me.  Before if I was on a break from youth classes I might still have adult classes, and vice versa-- hard to schedule things when that happens.

I love working with these extremely talented kids-- the Summer Session is THE reason I stay at WAM.
We wrapped up last Friday and now its on to finish DRACULA'S ARMY, my latest book for McFarland Press.