Met a lot of old friends, I forget how many people I know in the industry-- and had nice conversations with all of them.

Pictures from the show:

The Amazing Ming Doyle with her partner Neil Cicierega.  Ming's work on the Image title MARA has been getting huge attention.

Darth Vader takes off his helmet.  It's not James Earl Jones after all.

The Tiki PI-- This got me to buy the book.

I thought it was interesting here that the parents dressed up and the kids didn't.

Psycho Joker Nurse.

Don't know who this is but he was interesting.

Mario and Luigi!

Mild mannered reporter

A LOT of Deadpool costumes-- this one was one of the best.

Not sure I know, not sure I wanna know.

Joe Fish working the Superworld Table

Mr Superworld himself, Ted Van Liew!

Interesting Batman and Joker pair

Cool Captain America

Real life working R2D2

An incredible Doctor Octopus!

Sailor Moon!


Stormtrooper Thor

Stormtrooper Avengers

The Joker and His gang

I didn't think Spider-Man was in the Avengers

Movie Avengers or GI Joe-- all look the same to me.

Harley and Ivy

Spider-Man and what I am told is a minecraft character

Ant Man and The Wasp-- very cool-- I love retro characters.

Pretty sure he's a waterpark


The Head of Harrison Ford-- got it free.

Two of my students from Friday Manga.

Former student and freelance artist Greg Miller and his lovely girlfriend.

Futurama Lobster Guy.

Hands down my favorite group costume-- and I hope they won-- The Scooby gang!

Another Boston Show done-- I've been out of the loop so long I don't do the circuit much anymore, but next year with DRACULA finished I'll likely make the rounds again.