Okay so my vow of keeping things positive here lasted less than a week-- and if you're one of the ones who've asked me these things don't feel bad:

A lot of other people did too.
I am the king of asking dumb questions-- so I get what I deserve.

But here they are-- in no particular order.

"I know you're an artist, but what do you DO for a living?"

"How do you make money without spending anything?"  -- this from my accountant.

"I tried graphic novels once, I didn't like them."  
Would you listen to one song-- say by Slim Whitman-- and then declare that you don't like music?

"Are all graphic novels dark and scary?"

"You and your wife are both artists?  How does THAT work?"

"It must be so great to never have to leave your house."  
Yes food and errands are handled by my flunkies.

"How do I copyright my work? I don't want anyone to steal it, I haven't done anything yet, but I want to just copyright the IDEA."  
Just call the library of Congress and tell them the whole idea.

"Graphic novels?  Is that pornography?"  
Yes I'm a pornographer.