Chronicle Chronicles Graphic Novels

The fine folks at WCVB's CHRONICLE contacted me last month to ask if I'd appear on a segment of their show looking at graphic novels-- yes twenty two years since MAUS won the pulitzer prize for literature and people are still surprised graphic novels are not just about superheroes in tights punching each other through buildings.

Unfortunately they had a very tight schedule and so do I so I had to pass, when they asked me to recommend someone else my good buddy Ming Doyle came to mind.  Ming is currently the artist on Image Comics MARA mini series and she's one of the smartest most literate creators currently working in the industry-- plus I like that Ming shares my Batman obsession, my love of all things Halloween and is still excited enough by comics as a medium that she's not afraid to geek out and cosplay even when she's a guest at a comic book convention-- as she did in Boston earlier this month.

The segment was respectfully done, although I could have done without the silly clown music that seems to be playing in the background-- and it ALWAYS shocks me that people don't grasp that graphic novels are not a genre any more than novels are a genre-- they host a whole litany of genres from drama to comedy and like the best "real" books engage the reader with imaginative stories that draw you in and keep you engaged.

You can watch the segment here.