Boston Comic Con is On!

Delayed because of the bombings at the Boston Marathon the con is rescheduled and on today and tomorrow from 10-7 and 10-5ish at the Seaport Hotel and Convention Center across the street from the ICA.

Comic Con's are quite an event-- and the Boston one continues to grow-- I was an invited guest at their first two or three and am proud to say I helped them get some guests lined up for those early days when artists were reluctant to attend this new competing convention-- today its THE convention in Boston and I might go so far as to say it rivals the BIG convention in New York City which itself is second only to San Diego.

It's exactly like you think it's going to be-- it will be filled with comics and movie memorabilia and there will be plenty of co-splay fans in costume-- I'm often asked if I dress up for these and the simple answer is no, unless you count the fact that I occasionally am wearing a sport jacket which is itself something of a costume at these events.

Today I'm jacket free and sporting my yellow Ralph Lauren shirt as I'll be working the show to promote Emerson College's Graphic Novel program of which I am a member of the faculty.

I have to be back in the Big Woo for a big gallery opening tonight at 6pm at The Sprinkler Factory which features among others, art by my pal's Tim Furman and Corey Shepherd.