Third Thursday's at WAM; Spotlight on the Museum's Collection: The Death Star

Arnaldo Pomodoro's Rotante del Foro Centrale was installed in the Museum's garden court in 1966.  Long nicknamed "The Death Star" by students attending WAM classes-- where the sculpture is visible from the glass hallways of the school which surround the courtyard-- the piece reflects a series of installations Pomodoro has done all over the world including The Vatican and the Hakone Museum in Japan.

WAM was one of the first museum's to recognize his symbolism and his installation there reflects one of his earliest pieces, done when he was 40 years old.

Today Pomodoro resides in Milan where he has been given Knighthood of the Grand Cross of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Oh yes, and its Third Thursday tonight at WAM, which means its open until 8pm and as it is through July and August admission is completely FREE.