Johnny Carson gets the spotlight again this Monday-- if you're a fan of the Tonight Show maybe you're enjoying these, I still don't see what they're doing on TCM.

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (1944) is on Tuesday at 10pm-- it's an interesting tale of shipboard passengers coming to the realization, well, you'll have to watch it to see.

Wednesday at 745am is FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940) which is a highly under rated Hitchcock film-- if that's possible.  With Joel McCrea as a Foreign Correspondent and George Sanders as his buddy.

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974) is on at 2am which is actually Thursday-- I think Mel Brooks is way too broad and vulgar for me-- I don't like Monty Python either but I love The Three Stooges, I'm a complex man-- but this is Brook's best film.

THE BLACK ROOM (1935) is on Thursday at 630am with Boris Karloff as demented twin brothers.  It's good.

More Truffault films on Friday night starting at 8pm-- he's good and so are his movies.  His book on Hitchcock is a must read for film fans.

Saturday starts out with OBJECTIVE BURMA (1945) at 6am which is a neat little Warners War film-- NICK CARTER MASTER DETECTIVE (1939) is on at 1045am as they hoped to start a series based on the pulp character.

CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB (1964) is on at Noon-- and I can guarantee its not as good as the Mummy film I recommended last week.

SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON (1949) is on at 6pm if you like John Wayne and westerns don't miss this one-- I don't like either so I'll pass.

The essentials this week is TOOTSIE (1982) and I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.  If that's an essentials can MRS DOUBTFIRE be far behind??  I've seen TOOTSIE.   I laughed at some of it.  I've seen it exactly ONCE and that says something for a guy whose seen SHAWSHANK, JAWS and A FEW GOOD MEN several hundred times.

It's NOT an essential.  This series is now officially a sham, and I refuse to pic a film this week in protest.