TCM THIS WEEK: The Mummy Travels with Tony Randall!

RAIN (1932) is on Tuesday at 6am-- it's a kind of thrilling little drama with a great cast including Joan Crawford and some other people set on a tropical island during hurricane season.  Watch it it's good.

Tony Randall is featured Wednesday night-- that puts me in an awkward position-- I knew Tony Randall, I liked Tony Randall, but I've never much cared for his movies.  That might be more the era of film he's from but if you're going to give one a try go with The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao which is on first at 8pm.

SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1941) is on at 245pm Thursday-- it's a really great movie that kind of loses its way, but the first half hour is amazing and maybe if you stick to the end you'll like it better than I do-- but that's a bit harsh-- it is a great movie, it could just be a bit greater.

Friday's they're covering the films of FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT who is a brilliant director-- any of his movies are worth your time.

Saturday has THE MUMMY (1959) at Noon which is hands down the BEST of the Hammer films that attempted to capture some of the classic Universal Horror charm-- this one is done well and is downright scary-- with Christopher Lee as a pretty fast moving Mummy and Peter Cushing as the guy he's trying to kill.  MY Pic PICK of the week!

The Essentials this week is GASLIGHT (1944) with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer-- Boyer is trying to convince Ingrid she's going crazy-- you'll think it's a Hitchcock film-- so that means watch it!