Tuesday at 10 has a couple of great films:
At 10am is THE THIEF OF BAGDHAD (1940) which is an impressive little fantasy film with a great cast-- then at 10pm is CASABLANCA (1942) which is an impressive little drama film which might be the greatest movie ever made-- they wrote it as they went along-- making it all the more impressive.

Thursday we welcome in August with a day devoted to Humphrey Bogart-- there are some great movies in here:

THE MALTESE FALCON (1941) at 9am-- it's the stuff that dreams are made of.
TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944) at 1045am -- it's the movie that introduced Bogie to Bacall, and they are one of the true legendary couples of Hollywood-- it's a great movie too.
THE BIG SLEEP (1946) at 8pm re-teams Bogie and Bacall in a great whodunnit that will leave you asking Huh?  But who cares?
KEY LARGO (1948) at 10pm is another Bogie and Bacall film, their last together-- and it's equally good.
You can do no wrong with ANY of these or all of them-- so I'm making Thursday the MUST WATCH DAY OF THE WEEK!

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962) is the Essentials this week-- and that's a great movie no matter how you cut it-- just be ready-- it's four hours long.