San Diego Batman Madness! More from Comic Con!

More San Diego Madness...

Mattel is producing a Batman Utility belt and batarang-- I already have a real batarang so I don't need this-- nor do I need a belt.  I like how adjustable it is-- a lot of portly Batfans I imagine.

Now this I have to have-- a MASSIVE Batmobile for the 6" Batman action figures-- how can Batman fight crime without his car??

Mattel acquired the license for the Batman TV Show characters last year and the figures are rolling out-- classic Cesar Romero Joker and Julie Newmar Catwoman.

My personal favorite-- the surfing Batman!  

From the new show BEWARE THE BATMAN-- a Batman who could stand to eat a steak once in a while.

On the opposite side-- the Steroid enhanced Batman from the Arkham Asylum video game,  I think he looks ridiculous!

From the Doug Moench, Kelley Jones RED RAIN series where Batman is turned into a vampire after battling Dracula-- this one is pretty cool!

You'd never know it, but the San Diego Comic Con also sells comics!  Woo!  Great to see a mix of titles from the 30s and 40s up to today.

Original Art is also available-- these pages at $10K ea are actually a good price.

More great Golden Age Comics-- the Golden age is from approximately 1938-1957 -- the period where Superman was introduced up to the re launch of The Flash.

That's all for now!