Ah the CosPlay! San Diego Comic Con 2013!

Part of the fun of Comic Con's is the Cosplay-- the fans who dress up as their favorite characters from movies, TV, comics and video games and attend the big shows-- and there is none bigger than San Diego.

From Bleeding Cool-- here are a few of them:

Old school (maybe new now) Supergirl-- I've never dressed in costume, and I likely never would, but IF I did comfort would be a big factor in deciding the costume.  This one looks like it works, although I'd have to shave my legs.

Wonder Woman is always popular.

You know what-- I've always loved Aquaman, he gets no respect but the orange and green make for a pretty sharp suit.  And kudos to the fans who dress old style superheroes in tights-- not everyone can pull that off well.

Adventure Time is always a win in my book.

He Man!  Now that's a costume you don't see everyday!  And (yawn) the new Superman redesign.  

These might be my favorite costumes-- classic Turtles!

I'm sure I should know who these people are, but I don't-- and still they are cool.

Pretty sure this is a character from animation, although something looks different.

BAM!  Classic Kirby era X-Men-- I don't even like the X-Men but I love Kirby so this one gets my vote for best in show so far.

And more Wonder Woman, er Women, this one sporting the 40s style skirt-- something you don't see too often.

More soon!