What its like at a Star Trek Convention

I don't know who these other people are, but George seems to be having fun.
We walked from Brookline to Boston last Sunday because the city had been shut down due to a power outage.  And I MEAN shut down.  Like the Mass Pike came to a stop and the police forced you to exit in Cambridge-- I've never seen anything like it-- and for a power outage?

I'm no conspiracy nut but I saw military helicopters flying overhead so who knows.

Anyway, we parked the car and walked the 3-4 miles in arriving at the convention center around 1030am-- and the power was back on.

I've been to Star Trek shows in the past-- many years ago-- and this was my first one in a long time.   I was surprised at how small the dealers room was-- actually two rooms of about average meeting room size.  I'm used to the mega sized rooms of Comic Cons now I guess.

The big area was the arena where various Star Trek celebrities would speak to the thunderous enthusiasm of the Trekkers.   I was also disappointed at the number of crazies-- yes there were a lot of yellow and blue shirt wearing fans of the original series-- only a handful of red ones especially among men, but very few aliens.  I don't think I saw a single Klingon compared to years ago when they were there en masse and actually spoke the language!

This was a very small and informal type of convention-- Veronica was more excited seeing cast members of The Next Generation (I've never watched anything but the original series-- and even then I've only seen the same 9 episodes over and over again) but the highlight was meeting and getting our picture taken with William Shatner-- who lived up to expectations and displayed his quick wit in our conversation.

Nice when a boyhood hero lives up to his image.   Live long and prosper Mr. Shatner.