I guess Misogyny was funny in the 60s

NETFLIX has THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW on instant view so I've been having it on int the studio while I work.  Sometimes its easier to have a TV program running for sound than it is to just play music because often times I find myself changing the song or the playlist, with a series I can just let it run.

I used to watch reruns of TDVDS when I was a kid and I remember a few of the episodes, especially the one with the ghost in the cabin and the flying saucer and of course the Twilo Episode where Rob's family and friends slowly get replaced by aliens.

But man, some of these are just downright awful.

And I don't just mean the episodes where for whatever reason they put on a show like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in the middle of the episode-- I HATE those.

I also admit that Mary Tyler Moore bears a striking resemblance to my own wife (although she's not as pretty as Veronica) but some of these episodes are downright insulting both to women and men.

In one a new neighbor admits he's been married multiple times because he has a problem where he hits people he cares about (!) and Rob and Laura sort of sympathize.

In another-- perhaps my least favorite of all-- Rob goes on a job interview with a guy standing in for Hugh Hefner and we see women treated like objects, men as mindless zombies who can't resist the lure of the swinger lifestyle and Laura pretty much laughed at for expressing her objections to it.

I'm also amazed when they eat in a restaurant and there are just PLUMES of smoke coming from the other diners.  I don't think I would eat out at all if restaurants still allowed this.  I personally hate the smell and am a vigilant anti smoker.

I guess its a peak into the 60s and it makes me realize I'm glad I wasn't there.  Might be the reason I don't get into MADMEN either.