B. Good Burger Shrewsbury - - Blech!

I've been to B.Good Burger in Brookline, where my good pal the adorable Lindsay Small Butera was in fact the B.Good Burger Girl for sometime, and I thought it was terrific.  Being a lover of all things Burger I was excited when it was announced one had come to nearby Shrewsbury.

I'm not particularly picky about my burgers-- but I am about my food-- I want it hot and I want it fresh-- unless I'm having aged cheese in that case forget I said it-- and in burger terms I like it medium so that the burger is still juicy.  I also want it to be a burger and not a sausage pattie as the many restaurants in Tokyo kept trying to pass on to me.  Okay maybe I am picky.

Having said that-- I went here once a month ago and it was pretty good.   A little confused in terms of the ordering and pickup (no trays big enough to carry more than one burger on so you will be making multiple trips if there are a few of you in your party) and the clerks yelling out your order are drowned out by the too loud bad music and the excitement of the crowd anticipating their order is next.

It wasn't as good as Brookline, nor as good as the very nearby Five Guys Burgers but I chalked it up to being open a relatively short time.

Last Sunday I went again and this time the place was quiet-- although you still couldn't hear them shout out your order because of the loud music and the overflowing trash bins were hard to ignore.

We ordered four burgers with fries and drinks-- got our drinks and took a seat.  We kept an eye on the counter to see if our order was up soon and watched one after another group that came after us get theirs first.  No worries, there were four in our party.

When they finally called us they apologized saying they had temporarily run out of fries but that they were making more.

Hmm.  You sell burgers and you sell fries.  This shouldn't be that hard.

We took the burgers back and started eating them, at least three of us did, one member of our party announced he was going to wait for the fries because he liked the mixture-- and I have to say I don't disagree-- although to be honest I'm not sure what he said because the music was still way too damn loud.

My burger was only slightly warm and the bun was stale.  Not high marks there.  I ate slow in the hopes that I'd have some fries soon and they did come up in a few minutes but they too were on the cold side-- a seemingly impossible accomplishment if they did indeed run out and just make these.

Finished, we piled our trash on top of the overflowing bin and left, glancing across the street to Five Guys where we vowed we would choose next time without hesitation.  Sorry B.Good-- won't be back.