Writer Looking for Artist

I get this at least three times a year:

"I'm a writer who has written several comic book stories and I'm looking for an artist to collaborate with.  I thought since you had so many students you might be able to hook me up with someone?"

"I am an unpublished writer looking to break into the comics field, I've done 20% of the work and now I need someone to do the remaining 80% for no money."

Sound harsh?

That's the truth.

I both write and draw, and I'm convinced you can learn either trait.  Neither is a talent, although there is an element to that, both are a skill.

If you believe so strongly in your writing learn how to draw, or at least learn enough that you could ink someone's pencils or you could provide thumbnails or you could letter or color or SOME other part of the process.

Yes I realize writing a script is hard, but its NOWHERE near as hard as illustrating that script.  Too many writers fall in love with their own words and then can't understand why an artist isn't willing to jump in and draw it for free.

Yes, Charlie Adlard drew the first few issues of THE WALKING DEAD for little money, and he had faith in Robert Kirkman's scripts.  The comic became a HUGE hit because it became a hugely popular TV Series on AMC, but that is the lottery ticket in the world of spec work in both film and comics.  Spec work is a shot in the dark.  A chance.  A slim one most of the time.

I don't do spec work and I don't like to recommend students for it either.  If you believe in your project pick up a pencil and start working.

I can write a 100 page script in a few days, that same script could likely take two years to illustrate-- do the math.  What's harder?